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It is commonly believed that menopause is a natural and normal event in a woman’s life. I feel that belief is incorrect. Until about 100 years ago, almost every woman lived her entire life with ovarian function. Generally, women died in their mid 40’s before their ovaries failed. If Mother Nature had intended for us to live one-third of our lives without ovarian function, the disruption of menopause would have occurred at age 30 instead of age 50! Now that modern medicine has outpaced evolution and allows almost every woman to live to age 80 or beyond, it is time for (and well within the capacity of) modern medicine to help extend the functional life of the ovaries to match our new life expectancy.

I am an electrical/bio-medical engineer. I never set out to write a book on extending the functional life of the ovaries. But once my own ovarian function began to deteriorate – and my health, sex life, and sense of connection to my husband and family began to suffer the fallout – I started doing my homework. After poring over thousands of medical studies, I concluded that extending ovarian function (preventing menopause) is logical, achievable, and absolutely safe. I consulted with doctors who agreed to work with me on a program for restoring my actual ovarian hormone balance (not the balance achieved with HRT), and thus we significantly reduced the effects of menopause which were taking such a toll on my health.

My new book, Preventing Menopause describes the primary hormones of the ovaries, their contribution to the proper functioning of every organ in a woman’s body, and the health benefits of having functioning ovaries for a woman’s entire adult life. As it details, the ovaries are far more than “just” reproductive organs. They have a vital function in:
    • preventing breast cancer and heart disease
    • sustaining sexual response
    • and even making sure women get a good night’s sleep.
Through the use of language and illustrations appropriate for the layperson, Preventing Menopause then explains how to extend the functional life of one’s ovaries two to three decades, at least into one’s 70’s.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of “tinkering” with their hormones. The fact is, this is not really “tinkering” but replacing what the ovaries once produced themselves. The treatment for ovarian failure is really no different from the treatments doctors use every day to treat any other declining organ in the body to help it work at its optimal level. As I will show, there is nothing here to fear.

Although there are many books on managing or redefining menopause, Preventing Menopause is the first to suggest that menopause can be optional. It is the first book to truly give women an opportunity to understand their choices and take the health of their aging bodies into their own hands.

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