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My new book, Preventing Menopause describes the primary hormones of the ovaries, their contribution to the proper functioning of every organ in a woman’s body, and the health benefits of having functioning ovaries for a woman’s entire adult life. As it details, the ovaries are far more than “just” reproductive organs. They have a vital function in:

  • Preventing Breast Cancer and Heart Disease
  • Preventing Osteoporosis
  • Sustaining Sexual Response
  • Making Sure Women Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

Through the use of language and illustrations appropriate for the layperson, Preventing Menopause then explains how a woman can extend the functional life of her ovaries two to three decades, at least into her 70's. For more information about my book click on the links below. Preventing Menopause is published by Your Health Press. Click HERE to order your copy now.

You can find out more about me or see the table of contents. Read the overview or check out a sample chapter to understand more about my book.

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