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Menopause has a medical name, and its medical name is hypogonadism.

Untreated hypogonadism is unhealthy.

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Most people think of women’s ovaries as only useful for childbearing. The truth is, the ovaries have many functions vital to our health, including an integral role in sexual satisfaction, quality of sleep, overall mood, and in protecting us from breast cancer, colon cancer, and heart disease. When ovaries run out of eggs and fail, which is what happens at menopause, our bodies are left far more vulnerable to these diseases and with significantly reduced sexual function. In short, menopause is the female form of castration. That is not an exaggeration; it is simple medical truth. The information needed to prevent or delay menopause for at least thirty years, thus improving our sex lives, overall health, and reducing our heart, colon, and breast disease risk as we age is available, but no one's telling us about it.

It’s time to become informed and to tell ourselves and our doctors the truth: Menopause is hazardous to our health and we deserve to know our options. Our ovaries are not dispensable and we will no longer accept their failure as our fate.

My Mission

To make menopause optional by ensuring that women and their doctors have access to the information they need to prevent menopause (ovarian failure), and to provide information to re-create ovarian hormone ratio as closely as possible for women who have already suffered ovarian failure (menopause).

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Preventing Menopause: How to Stop Menopause Before it Starts:

“I hope women and their loved ones use the information in this book to help them make a reasoned, informed plan that will address what is happening to them in this often difficult time.” — Dr. Elena A. Christofides, Endocrinologist (from the Foreword)

“Beth Rosenshein continues to work hard to further clarify the poorly understood area of ovarian function. Her tireless research raises excellent questions about the effectiveness of our current medical options. It is a big step forward toward addressing questions that will help us customize care in order to achieve better quality of life for women in the second half of their lives.” — Dr. Scott Eberly, Internal Medicine, Bellevue, WA

Preventing Menopause opens up several new doors in the exploration of women’s health. It offers women more choices in how they want to experience menopause. I highly recommend this book to those who are experiencing pre and menopausal related symptoms.” — Libby Yuskaitis, RN, BSN

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