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Title Date Location RSVP
 HRT and Insurance Reimbursement
 November 5th, 2008
     5:30 PM
 Open to the public
Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
 1647 Pearl St.
 Boulder, CO
 Why Isn’t There an Effective Treatment for

        We know what causes menopause and we know
        how to treat it yet most women do not receive
        treatment. We’ll explore the poor oversight of
        clinical trials and see how it has shaped our
        views of menopause.
 January 28th, 2009
 $24 - Open to the public
The Boulder Cork
 3295 30th St.
 Boulder, CO
at (303)

I am available to guest speak and for book signings.

As an author who writes on the medical issues surrounding preventing ovarian failure and effective treatment of hypogonadism (the medical term for menopause), I often guest speak to book clubs, rotary meetings, synagogue and church groups, etc. to discuss these issues.

My speaking engagements have lasted as little as 30 minutes and as long as 90 minutes. I require a minimum of 30 minutes when guest speaking.

I speak on topics directly related to my book and current research since publication of my book. I will discuss those topics that interest you most.

Since writing is my day job, I have the flexibility to guest speak on weekdays in late-morning or afternoons, sometimes in the early evening.  If your organization is looking for a guest speaker, and your members are interested in preventing or treating ovarian failure then please feel free to contact me.

I am happy to accommodate and set up a book signing for your group. In fact, some organizations use this opportunity to have a fundraiser by purchasing my books at a discount and selling them at the regular retail price.

You can contact me at

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