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The WHI and HRT

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Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) and HRT

The adverse outcome of large clinical trials like the Women’s Health Initiative confirms that Premarin™ is unhealthy not HRT. Based on information I gathered from published data on what is in Premarin™ I have asked Senator Patty Murray to open an investigation in violations of informed consent laws in the recruitment of the women for the WHI. The recruited women were given Premarin™ which raised their estrogen levels to at least 15 times higher than a normal menstrual cycle. By giving the recruited women Premarin™ they were trading hypogonadism (medical term for menopause) for hyperestrogenism (abnormally high levels of estrogen). Not telling the recruited women that they were trading one disease state for another violated their right to know what was being given to them as participants in a clinical trial. If you want answers to the questions I have asked then let Senator Murray know.

Click here to read my letter to the Office of Human Research Protection

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